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Whether as Contractor or Operator, TotalCare Hygiene Services Ltd supports each clients needs with cost-effective and professional maintenance services, across many technical industry sectors.

TotalCares ethos is to bridge the gap between technical and facility & cleaning services. Our experts are trained in the theoretical principles surrounding capital equipment and facilities, to offer unrivalled front and backend service offerings.

Whatever yours needs, TotalCare is confident in assisting its clients in building strong reputations which feeds into long-lasting business relationships.

Why Chose us

Bridging the gap between cleaning services and technical industries!

“Our approach is different from the bottom up. Our customers retention is higher then others within the same service space. We are proactive in offering great value for money and with the aim on consistently delivering a high service standards.” – Founder, Brad Bray


Our service model drives innovative ways to adapt our offering to meet the needs of our customers, tailored on a client by client basis. Our service staff follow a hygienists ideology, which is – “A promoter of clean conditions, for the preservation and long life of system, facility and human health. “

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To make life easier for our clients, we have added a new booking feature onto our website. Simply outline what service you are looking for, select an appointment that works for schedule and leave the rest to us.

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Visit our shop. Use what the professionals use. To get the best results the best products and materials need to used. Visit our store today.

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Every environment presents different problems, this is due to location, installation, types of contamination; due to weather and exposure. We offer a specialist demo’s and troubleshooting services for Facilities Managers, Service and Maintenance Managers and Contractors.


Our teams are happy to assist and direct you through your enquiry. Call us today to find out more about how we can help you.

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We have made ordering and booking easier with our intuitive website. Now you can carry us with you on your mobile devices. We can book us to complete job from anywhere.

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Custom Booking and Scheduling

Suit Your Needs & Budget

Every customer in every sector has its own unique needs and requirements. Totalcare invests time and resources in tailoring its service approach to meet those needs. Some benefits enjoyed by our clients include; safer working environments, increase in productivity, promotes wellness, reduction in customer complaints, maximise on revenue potential, lengthen system and facility life, while promoting healthy working conditions.


Our clients expect a high service level, this in turn flows through into our clients own brand reputation with its customers – This one aspect unites us. A high quality, reliable and sustainable service delivery creates long-term relationships and satisfied end customer experience. As apart of our ongoing support to each customer, we offer flexible booking and scheduling. To ensure our availability and that you don’t miss out on our service level, get a quote.

TotalCare has now created the means whereby its customers can book, schedule and review its services. . Our cleaning options are open and available to suit all budget types.  With the help of new tools, TotalCare can offer a more flexible service approach. 

  • Cleaning Schedules Fix a date for repeat services: Early Morning, Late at Night, daily, weekly monthly, annually…the choice is yours. 
  • Planned Preventative Maintenance Contractor Clients who have a tight maintenance schedules can hand this problem over for us to revolve and complete. Keep your customers happy, improve service levels and fulfil your contractual obligations with the right support level from THS. 
  • Ad Hoc Services Contact TotalCare on an Ad hoc basis. Some clients with busy seasons may not be able to fulfil a fixed contract. We are happy to work with you as and when you need. Call today to find out more.
  • One-off Book via our website, call us direct for a quote for one-off cleaning services. Our teams are ready to react at your earliest convenience. 




What They Said About Us

The only measure consider of most importance is the feedback issued by our customers. Here what they have to say:

Expert refrigeration and air-conditioning installer and maintenance contractor

“I contacted TotalCare to assist me with the completion of a tight refrigeration maintenance schedule. This was a success. It is safe to say that I am very pleased with the results. They took ownership over their responsibility, allowing me to get on with my own important tasks. I will continue to use them and would happily recommend them.”


Greg Lindley

Tesco Logo

“I would…like to state that Tesco would not have any concerns should THS like to work as a sub-contractor with any of the Tesco appointed contractors.”

(Following successful cleaning trials: Approved sub-contractor with Carter Synergy.)

Richard Holborn

Novotel hotels, suites and resorts

“We were very happy with the results indeed. So thank you very much for this. I have also received the file with the photos and its very useful. We can really see the progress. Your method offers the best results at a great price.

Ann Dubrille

Expert engineering contractor within the UK HVAC market

“We partnered with TotalCare after securing a service and maintenance contract. Water leaks across multiple sites have been reduced, freeing up valuable time for our engineers to focus on more reactive tasks.”

Rob Newman

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Our support is not just on the job, but before the job and after the job! We are happy to look into any task, such as site inspections, maintenance training, post job reporting and auditing and complete the service job too. You'll be updated on our progress every step of the way.

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Our office operates between Monday-Friday, but our service is available all week long, night or day. Our operatives travel throughout the UK servicing and maintaining facilities and commercial plant. See what we can do for you - complete the fields to the left.